The Studio

Quench web design examples

A Quench partnership is grounded in trust and professional respect.

Clients enjoy working with us because we work seriously without taking ourselves that way.

Quench Design Studio,  what we do for our clients is to better distinguish them through our services and ensemble of talented brand marketers.

Unfailingly friendly. No pretense or attitude. Service oriented. Always excited by the chance to bring your story to life. And most importantly, up to the task.

Hello! Meet Quench!

Quench Design Studio is a full-service brand marketing design firm located in Massachusetts’ ‘City of Champions.’ Since 2001, our award-winning web, print and brand graphic design programs have been the ‘secret sauce’ for marketers of consumable goods, lifestyle and hospitality brands, education and healthcare organizations, and a wide range of business-to-business consulting, finance and professional services.

Our Value to You: More Means More

We have what organizations need, variety. With every new client journey we add new insights and ideas to our experience bank—these transcend industry sectors and inform how we might solve your marketing challenge. All Quench teams are lead by a seasoned veteran BFA grad who coordinates an ensemble of proven specialty professionals. We collaborate with veteran CMOs, as well as PR and advertising agencies tasked with building a brand or product story to achieve customer reach and loyalty.

We Do What You Need!

Now the services you need are those we speak about—responsive, multi-functioning websites, social media integration, direct mail, e-newsletters and a fresh brand identity. We applied the lessons of our ground-up brand development work and upgrades to those of mature organizations to make sure our story kept pace with our capabilities. The high-stakes game of customer acquisition and retention is tougher in a world where mobile commerce co-exists and traditional channel marketing. Quench is ready to help you win.